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Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Date: 06/01/20

Spring cleaning has been around for a while. It’s rooted in cultural traditions that are thousands of years old. And the timing may have a biological explanation. Winter is a sleepy period. During this cold and gray season, most of us just want to curl up on the nearest couch, watch movies under a blanket and drink hot liquids. Once the sun and warmth return, we have more energy to care about all those dust bunnies collecting beneath the coffee table.

It makes sense that ancient tradition and our own natural instincts have led us to clean in the spring: it’s actually good for our health. How? Here are a few things that spring cleaning can help you accomplish.

Reduce stress.

Simple and repetitive tasks like dusting can be all it takes to turn your brain off. Or, it can just as easily be a practice in mindfulness. It’s all about your intention. Another way to ramp up the anxiety-reducing effects of your housework is to do something that’s more physically demanding, like vacuuming, mopping or wiping down kitchen cabinets and appliances. Spring is also a good time to clean out closets and get more organized.

Encourage sleep.

Have you ever noticed the difference between sleeping in a messy bed and one that’s freshly laundered and made? What about in a room littered with dirty laundry versus one that’s free from clutter? These details can impact our ability to relax and drift into deep, quality Zzzs. Organize your space for more calm.

Lift mood.

Aside from these reasons, which are also great ways to improve mood, it just feels good to accomplish something. Even achieving small goals can cause your brain to release the “feel good” chemical dopamine. And who doesn’t want that? So, go ahead and make that to-do list for yourself just so you can check off items along the way. Small wins!



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