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Making the Best of Your Summer

Date: 06/01/20


Physical activity and relaxing in nature are among the most important things you can do for your mental and physical well-being. This summer, get the best of both worlds by filling your days with plans that allow a little of each! Try some of these outdoor activities to make the most of this fun season.

Spend a morning outdoors.

Being still and reflecting on your thoughts is a great way to create inner peace. Choose a free morning in your week and get a good night’s rest the evening before. When you wake up, pack a bag with a journal, a pen and something you can sit or lie down on. Make yourself your favorite kind of iced coffee drink to go—plus a snack, if you haven’t eaten breakfast. Carry it all along to your porch, patio, balcony or yard, then settle down in a nice spot and get journaling!

Callout: Family Health and Fitness Day is June 13th! Celebrate with your loved ones by stepping outside for some fresh air and enjoying the warmer weather.

Have a picnic.

Treat yourself to a nice meal out in the open. Before you go, prepare a festive drink like fruit-infused water or lemonade. Chill it in a portable container. Pack it in a cooler with ice packs and some easy-to-eat foods like sandwiches or cheese slices and vegetable sticks with hummus. Bring a blanket, a book, napkins, hand sanitizer or wipes and any utensils you need. Don’t forget sunscreen, your sunglasses and water! Find your favorite nearby spot and enjoy—even if it’s your own porch, patio, balcony or yard.

Go stargazing.

Too hot to spend much time outdoors during the day? Try going outside after the sun goes down! Step outside and lay out a beach towel or blanket. Here you can lie back and watch nature’s beauty in the warm night. Even better, plan your outing for a time when there is supposed to be a meteor shower! Be sure to bring your own music, drink and bug spray. Enjoy the show!



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